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Allagan Grafts + Extras - TB2.5

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Imbedded metal grafts - with lights - because it looks cool

Yes this works with the new The Body SE - BUT  there is a very noticable neck seem with TBSE, that wasn't present when I made it before TBSE came out. It is unavoidable. Having no harsh lighting lessens it. It works with TB2.5 without these seems.

I am not providing any tech support on this seem. I am/have moved on to other projects. The original file has been lost during a computer fart so I cannot update the textures. 

Product of weeks of work and 3 redesigns, Im honestly so happy its finally finished, though it was alot of fun to work on.
Features mirrored grafts on both sides of the body, focusing on the arms and legs, with realistic faux depth (as much as the game renderer and my skills allowed).
Grafts are on both arms, legs and running down the spine.

This is for Midlander, Highlander, Elezen, Miqo'te & AuRa (Vanilla Scales) only.
I tried to create one for Roes, but struggled making a coherent design with how stretched the skin is on the model, making graft placements very unforgiving. I may revisit it at a later date, but for now no Roe/Hroth release any time soon.

Note - Effects vary depending on Race and Skin colour. What looks good one colour, may not look as good on another.
GShade recommended for best effect for Screenshots.

_Comes with-__
★Full Arm & Legs Version
★Sleeves/Arms Only Version
★Support for Body Hair V9 only.
Body hair colour changes to Hair colour, but Black version also included.
★ Grafts with lights (Faux glowing effect) in 10 colours, and counting!
★ Glow Bleed with 3 colours
★ Supporting me to help continue making more

Gallery of all colours -

▶ Need The Body 2.5 or TB SE in order to work ◀
All credit goes to Tsar for The Body

This mod uses the NSFW version.
TB2.5 Types 1-4 supported 

This mod will effect both the A + B material, meaning that this will appear with or without upscaled gear. This is not intended to be used with body hair as it shows on the limbs, but I have included support for V9 Body Hair since its only on the stomach.
Due to the amount of options, you will need to Install it manually through Textools. Only PNG images attached. No .ttmp.
Instructions included.

Within reason - be happy to take requests to make other colours, as long as I can make them available in the files.

Known Issues -
☆Shows seems on the arms and wrists. This is just how the UV is set up, and theres no way to have things following onto other sections of the body flawlessly - believe me, I tried.

☆SE users will see a neck seem.

This mod contains almost 900 textures. Yes, 900.
Though I have double and triple checked them all, there's still chances of mistakes since there so many.
Please message me if you come across any problems.


☞Do not reupload/Claim as your own.
☞Do not use in any private or paid commission - even if anyone says otherwise.
☞Private edits are okay, but do not share.
☞If used in screenshots to advertise your own mods/poses, please link/credit to this mod

You will get a RAR (4GB) file