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⚔️ War & Conflict - DIY Skin Overlay Texture Pack - TBSE

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Multi option texture pack for Roleplayers & Gpose Enthusiasts.  

5 sets of textures - combinations of dirt, bruises, blood, wounds and bandages in 42 total versions - that I plan to continue updating 

Comes with a Tutorial on how to use them!

🚩  Please read the description before purchase 🚩
🚩 This pack contains no install-able skins. It is a DIY pack to mix and match these textures over bare or custom skin🚩

I created this pack, firstly for myself due to laziness of not needing to throw all my screenshots into Photoshop, but also for those seeking realistic shots of one of the core features of the FFXIV story - War and Conflict.
For those with war torn survivors, fighting pit brawlers and hardened adventures.

This is abit of a unique pack as it contains - no installable skins -.

This pack contains only Transparent texture layers to put over either a base TBSE skin, or any pre-existing tattoo or custom skin you have. You can DIY mix and match nearly all of these overlays to get the effect you want for your screenshots.
Comes with Diffuse & Normal overlays.

It comes with a full tutorial on how to use them in the FREE program Gimp, which will also work for Photoshop - which you can see here 

GShade and strategic lighting recommended for best effect for Screenshots. 
Tip - Aim a light source the opposite side of the body you are taking the picture from to get the most out of the faux depth to the scars and wounds.

This was done by hand in Substance Painter, aided by a couple of paid assets with appropriate licences. I tried my best to keep within the semi realistic style of the game, while still being 'flashy' enough to show off in screenshots.

This pack began life as an alternative to my WarTorn scars, to have these overlays along with the scaring. Due to demand to have them separate, I have taken off the previous and repacked it into this mod, along with alot more options.
If you purchased the previous WarTorn Plus pack, you can redownload this mod for free. Contact me so I can give you access to the Scars you paid for. Yes, they also come with overlays so you can use them with this mod.
Comes with-

⭐️ Dirt - Mud and dust covering the body, focusing on the front and back of the body frame. 2 versions

⭐️ Bruises - A couple of bruises on the chest, stomach, back and shoulder, as well as bruised knuckles as if from a fight. 2 versions - 2 alternative versions for AuRa

⭐️ Wounds - Bleeding cuts from the chest, back, shoulder and stomach with faux depth in the 'flowing' blood. 6 versions - most can be combine for more injuries

⭐️ Blood splashes - 'Splash back' from enemies or light wounds on the character. Focusing on the torso, arms and hands. 3 versions, with one focused on just the hands.

⭐️ Bandages - Clean and Wounded versions, featuring skin tight bandages and blood soaked into the fabric. 6 versions with 29 different options for placements.
PLEASE NOTE- This is not a 3D file. This was my lazy way of getting skin tight bandages, in exactly the design I wanted, that doesn't rise off the skin as as it would on a accessory, to be worn under gear. It is painted directly onto the skin texture and therefore behaves like skin. It will stretch with body movements. Since im probably breaking texture rules, there is no way to make it look less jank. Simple poses is best for this.


▶ Need The TBSE in order to work ◀
All credit goes to Tsar for The Body & Red for the additional 3D sculpts and textures.

These overlays will effect the B material, meaning that this will appear ONLY on upscaled gear, smallclothes and Emperors set. It will look absolutely janky if mirrored, thus no Mat A is supplied. You are welcome to make your own Mat A if it bothers you, otherwise there is pretty much an TB2, 2.5, SE upscale of most skin showing gear in the game. This is intended for screenshots and not as a 'everyday' skin for a character.

Known Issues -

⭐️Shows seems on the arms and wrists. This is just how things are set up. Theres no way to have things following onto other sections of the body flawlessly, especially during posing. It will probably warp in places.

⭐️The bandage textures will look abit janky. This pack is in no way perfect. There is no way around this. Its not supposed to be painted on skin but I did for my own projects and decided to include it in case anyone else wanted it for their own screenshots. Simple poses recommended. Anything that stretches the body will stretch the texture.

⭐️Bigger body sizes WILL stretch the textures

Contact me if you find any issues, or if you have requests for the pack so I can
update it in the future - or give me ideas for future Overlay packs.

Rules of use-

☞Do not reupload/claim as your own.

☞Do not redistribute the raw files
☞Do not use any overlay or texture in any private or paid commission - even if anyone says otherwise.
☞Private edits are okay, but do not share it for download. - Editing it is up to you.
Do not use these in anything self harm or abuse related. Seriously. Anyone caught using this for that is absolutely nothing to do with me and I absolutely do not condone the use for it for those topics. I really can't stress this point enough.

You will get a RAR (280MB) file