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Scorched - TBSE Burn Scars Kit

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Please read before purchase!

>> Bibo alternative (WIP - still being worked on)<<

This is for Midlander, Highlander, Elezen, Miqo'te, AuRa and Viera.

This is a kit Ive painstakingly put together over 4 weeks, from drawing to editing, to packing together and making it as easy to use as I possibly can while giving everyone alot of options to work with.

Included is a PSD file you can use with Photoshop or GIMP (free) to create your own custom skin burns by mixing and matching the textures that I've separated into 28 sections of the body.

Ive also created a Tutorial for ease of access

Options include a default dull redness, a more intense redness & a light tone for healed burns. AuRa gain an extra option with texture for damaged scales, with unique colouring for Raen and Xaela.

Both options have damaged & discoloured scales, with the choice to have their depth dulled and made matte as if they haven't healed correctly.

Note -

GShade and strategic lighting recommended for best effect for Screenshots.

Tip - Aim a light source the opposite side of the body you are taking the picture from to get the most out of the faux depth of the burns.

This was done by hand in Substance Painter. I tried my best to keep within the semi realistic style of the game, while still being 'flashy' enough to show off in screenshots.


Comes with-

★ TTMP for each pre-design, each containing options for all TBSE races

★ 3 PSD files for creating and customising your own skins - Tutorial included.

★ 28 body placements for Burns in the PSD, all containing Default, Intense, Healed and Scale variations.

(Which is well over 300 individual textures!)

★ Txt file with Penumbra codes for easy access

★ FAQ file for quick self help


▶ Needs Tsar in order to work ◀

All credit goes to Tsar for TBSE & Red for the TBSE edits

Please consider supporting these creators

This mod will effect the B material, meaning that this will appear ONLY on upscaled gear, 

smallclothes and Emperors set. It will look absolutely janky if mirrored, thus no Mat A is supplied. 

You are welcome to make your own Mat A if it bothers you.


Known Issues -

☆Seems WILL show at the shoulders (especially), hips, ankles, wrists and across scales. I cant do anything about this. The renderer compresses textures and takes the detail out of them making it crunchy. Its always worse around the body 'seems'.

☆ Will stretch with bigger body sizes.


☞Do not reupload/claim my mods as your own.

☞Private edits is exactly what this kit is for, but please don't upload your custom skins for public use, or use any of the resources/textures for use in your own uploads/commissions or otherwise. Private use only.

☞Do not redistribute the raw files to anyone.

☞Do not use my textures for self harm or abuse related screenshots. Its not what they are for. Dont twist it into that.

You will get a RAR (4GB) file