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Beast Hunter Scars & Tattoo - TBSE

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Heavy Scar mod with the idea of a 'Monster Hunter' in mind, with optional Tribal inspired Tattoos

🚩 Please read the description before purchase 🚩

Made with the thought of a Monster Hunter in mind. Plenty of scratch and bite scars, with various other scars with varied scar tissue.

Tattoo is inspired by Nordic designs and drawn with a more 'traditional'/'stick and poke' design/feel. Features designs down each arm, one on the back of the leg, 2 on the fingers of each hand, and a owl and deer skull back piece.
Tattoo with or without scars available in the download

This also comes with an overlay of the scars and tattoo to use on any skin you may be already using, or plan to use in the future.

This is for Midlander, Highlander, Elezen, Miqo'te, AuRa and Viera. Tattoo unavailable for AuRa due to the scales removing the majority of the design.

GShade and strategic lighting recommended for best effect for Screenshots.
Tip - Aim a light source the opposite side of the body you are taking the picture from to get the most out of the faux depth to the scars and wounds.

This was done by hand in Substance Painter. I tried my best to keep within the semi realistic style of the game, while still being 'flashy' enough to show off in screenshots.

Comes with-

★.ttmp easy install. Includes all raw textures for manual install, or for use with Penumbra for quick skin swap outs.

★ 'Heavy-Level' body scarring design with faux depth.

★ Penumbra texture codes & Tutorial for transparent overlays

★ Tattoo Design which can be used with or without the scars

★ Transparent .png overlays of the scars and optional edited body hair, for placing over pre existing body mods ie: Tattoos and custom scales ect for better customization for your character!

★All Raw basic textures for easy Penumbra modpacking

▶ Need The TBSE in order to work ◀
All credit goes to Tsar for The Body & Red for 3D body edits
Please consider supporting these creators

Types 1-4 supported. 
Body types can be found here -

This mod will effect the B material, meaning that this will appear ONLY on upscaled gear, smallclothes and Emperors set. It will look absolutely janky if mirrored, thus no Mat A is supplied. You are welcome to make your own Mat A if it bothers you, otherwise there is pretty much an TB2, 2.5, SE upscale of most skin showing gear in the game.

Known Issues -

☆Shows seems on the arms and wrists. This is just how things are set up. Theres no way to have things following onto other sections of the body flawlessly, especially during posing. It will probably warp in places.

☆ Will stretch with bigger body sizes

☆Colour of scars will vary with skin tone

Rules of use-

☞Do not reupload/claim as your own.
☞Do not use assets in any private or paid commission 
☞Private edits is what this is deisgned for
☞Do not redistribute the raw files

You will get a ZIP (541MB) file