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Rough Travels Scars - HRBody 3

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Light-ish, realistic-ish Body Scars

Now for Roe & Hrothgar! I had sooo many requests. I'll try not to forget you Hroth and Roe bros in the future.

No body hair included. Please see Rayrei's original mod for the .psd to add your own. 

Please note -
There is a slight design difference between Roe and Hrothgar. Some scars removed or moved for Hroth due to fur, and is slightly more 'vibrant' and has slightly more depth to counter the fur on the normal texture as it didn't show using the same levels as Roe.



★ Raw textures for manual install - due to Hrothgar's plethora of different textures due to the different fur designs.

★Transparent overlays to add to any existing skin - Diffuse and normal included

▶ Need HR3 in order to work ◀

Credit goes to Rayrei and Tsar for HR Body 3

This mod uses the NSFW version.
Medium, Beefy & Chubby supported

This mod effects only the B material, and will not show on Vanilla gear. It will show on Small Clothes, Emperor's new & Upscaled gear.

Rules of use-
☞Do not reupload/Claim as your own.
☞Do not use in any private or paid commission - even if anyone says otherwise.
☞Private edits are okay, but do not share.

You will get a ZIP (42MB) file
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