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Mythic Body Paint/Veins - Bibo+ & Trans Redux

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Climbing Veins or Body Paint - in a full or skimpy coverage

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Use Gshade and creative lighting for best results!

This was something I was going to put on an accessory a year ago, then I lost the files, then I remade it. In this grand age of Penumbra I figured it would be fine to release as a skin to have the veins/paint skin tight to wear under gear/lingerie.
Penumbra very much recommended for skin swapping. Links to Tutorial Included.

Slightly messy as I tried to make it look unplanned and 'organic' as possible.

>> Best results come with standard body sizes. Anything large will stretch the texture and give subpar results<<

Design around intimate areas will be slightly altered if using Trans Redux

Comes with-

★.ttmp easy install of base textures

★ 6 colors each coming in two versions - Full & Skimpy. Color design varies between the 2 versions -
-Blizzara (Blue)
-Void (Black&Purple)
-Demon (Black&Red)
-Night (Purple, Black & Blue)
-Phoenix (Red&Orange&Yellow + some black)

★ Transparent .png overlays of the Diffuse & Normal to place on any skin, custom or otherwise, for better character customization & editting.

★All Raw basic textures for easy Penumbra modpacking

Need Bibo+ 2.0 in order to work
All credit goes to Illy, Bizu & Tsar for Bibo+
And Strella & Spiswel for the Trans Redux Bibo+ edit
Please consider supporting these creators.

This mod uses the NSFW version.
This mod will effect the A&B material, meaning that this will appear under Vanilla & Modded Gear, and on Small Clothes/New Emperors Set.
Known Issues -

☆Shows seems on the arms and wrists. This is just how things are set up. Theres no way to have things following onto other sections of the body flawlessly, especially during posing. It will probably warp in places.

☆ Gshade & creative lighting recommended to bring the best out of the subtle faux effect.

☆ Will warp and stretch on bigger/wider body shapes.

Rules of use-

☞Do not reupload/claim as your own.
☞Do not use in any private or paid commission - even if anyone says otherwise.
☞Private edits are okay, but do not share - Editing it is up to you.
☞Don't port to TF3 or Eve

You will get a RAR (2GB) file