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Asym Faces - Hyur Female Facial Scar Pack

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DIY Facial Skin Pack for Asym Faces

For all Midlander and Highlander female faces

>> Read before purchase << - - - - - - Public: 1st January 2023

The mod is intended to be used to make your own Face texture.
There are no installable textures in these folders.

>> You will need to have Asym Faces for Midlander & Highlander installed to use this.<<
All current avaliable Races/Genders is all listed on Spiswel's Kofi 
Please consider supporting this creator.

All 26 scar options are all drawn by hand, unique to eachother, and are placed very similarly to the scar options in game for each and every face on every race, complied together.
Each scar has options for colour and depth - but all are editable.
I very much encourage editing as scar color will depend on the design/style you are going for as well as your characters skin tone in game. Colors provided may not work with every skin tone. 

Note that the scar colours provided may look different depending on your character's in game skin tone, and may need editing.

This does not effect vanilla scars.
You will need to turn off your characters vanilla scar options in Anamesis.

Becoming public on the 1st January 2023 and will remain free

Future kits for all races, masculine & feminine, will be released in time and is an on going project.

Comes with-

★80+ transparent overlays for 26 scar options - Diffuse & Normal assets provided 

★ For all female Midlander & Highlander faces

Tutorial included! Covers the use of, a completely free photo editing tool. But the same steps 
will work for Photoshop and GIMP.

★How to install via Textools & Penumbra how to and links included in the ReadMe file.

Known Issues -

>Slight seam in the centre of the face. Present in Asym faces due to the way the vanilla faces are made.

I have checked most, if not all of the textures and asked a few helpers to do the same.
However, if you spot any bugs, please do let me know.
Send me a message on Kofi, or by email or join my Discord.

Rules of use-

☞Do not reupload/claim as your own.
☞You can use the texture you make with this kit to give to another modder to edit for a commission.
However you cannot use this kit and assets for use in making paid commissions.
☞Private edits are okay, but do not share the file- Editing it is up to you.
☞Do not use any assets here to add to your own mod releases, paid or otherwise. Even if you have edited the assets.
☞Do not redistribute the raw files


You will get a RAR (156MB) file