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WarTorn Body Scars - Bibo+

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For those War Torn survivors, fighting pit brawlers and hardened adventures.

Inspired by my many, many hours in the Bozjan Southern Front with a friend of mine. 

This is for Midlander, Highlander, Elezen, Miqo'te, AuRa, Roe and Viera.

Design is altered for AuRa due to scales.

GShade and strategic lighting recommended for best effect for Screenshots.

Tip - Aim a light source the opposite side of the body you are taking the picture from to get the most out of the faux depth to the scars and wounds.

This was done by hand in Substance Painter. I tried my best to keep within the semi realistic style of the game, while still being 'flashy' enough to show off in screenshots.


Comes with-

★.ttmp easy install in Textools or Penumbra

★ 'Mid-Level' body scarring design with faux depth.

★ Transparent .png overlays of the scars for placement over custom skins, or over preexisting skin mods you already use (ie:Tattoos)

★All Raw basic textures for easy Penumbra install (Help in the FAQ Note file)

★ FAQ file for quick self help


▶ Needs Bibo+ in order to work ◀

All credit goes to Illy, Bizu & Tsar for Bibo+

Please consider supporting these creators

This mod will effect the B material, meaning that this will appear ONLY on upscaled gear, 

smallclothes and Emperors set. It will look absolutely janky if mirrored, thus no Mat A is supplied. 

You are welcome to make your own Mat A if it bothers you.


Known Issues -

☆May show seems across the back and chest

☆ Will stretch with bigger body sizes. No recommended for chest sizes above Bibo+ Large. 


☞Do not reupload/claim my mods as your own.

☞Private edits are what the overlays are for, but do not share or upload the file. 

☞Do not redistribute the raw files to anyone.

☞Do not use my textures for self harm or abuse related screenshots. Its not what they are for. Dont twist it into that.

You will get a ZIP (657MB) file