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Drenched - Wet Skin Texture - TBSE

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✧*̥˚ Drenched V2- Wet skin for TBSE *̥˚✧

Formally - Out of Water

27/Feb/2022 -
Included a transparent normal so the effect can be placed over any custom normal map

03/Aug/2023 -
Its been a year I thought it needed an update with more options.
4 options added - Humid, Splashed, Rainfall & Soaked.

Redownload for updated textures.

Featuring 4 different wet skin textures, with hand drawn drips, with scattered water beads on the surface of the skin.
Works very well with the Wet Skin toggle on in GPose.
Gshade filters may vary. Be creative with light sources to get the best effect. Try aiming the light from the opposite side of the body where you plan to the take the picture.

Not intended as an 'everyday' skin, but for Gpose instead.
Includes links to Penumbra help

Note- Textures do not ‘layer’ in Penumbra.
This will replace the Normal texture only. If you are using a normal texture that is different from TBSE textures (Custom skins, scars, scales ect) then you will lose the effect of your textures, and this will be applied instead.
To get both effects, you will need to manually combine the two in a photo editing program using the transparent included.

✧˖*°࿐Comes with࿐°*˖✧
★ .ttmp easy install in Textools or Penumbra

★ New- 5 different textures, including the old version. Humid, Splashed, Rainfall and Soaked.

★ All Raw basic textures for easy Penumbra loose texture install (Help in the FAQ Note file)

★ All Red’s body edit textures included

★ FAQ file for quick self help & Penumbra codes

★ Transparent textures for manual application, for use on custom skins/scales.

Tsar’s TBSE -
Optional - Red's TBSE Body Edits - Raykie's TBSE-X
All credit goes to Tsar for TBSE. Red & Raykie for the body edits.
Please consider supporting these creators

This mod will effect the B material, meaning that this will appear ONLY on upscaled gear, smallclothes and Emperors set.
No Vanilla/Material A supplied as this mod is not intended to be mirrored.
You are welcome to make your own Mat A if it bothers you.

✧˖*°࿐Known Issues࿐°*˖✧
☆ Will stretch with bigger body size edits/scaling
☆ May show seems down the centre of the torso, shoulders, wrists, neck and hips.
☆ Needs correct lighting to get full effect as intended

>Do not reupload/claim as your own
>You cannot use this mods as assets to use in making paid commissions.
>Can be used for free public release mods with credit

You will get a ZIP (2GB) file