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Out of Water - Wet Skin Texture - TBSE

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Featuring hand drawn drips, with scattered water beads on the surface of the skin.
Works best with the Wet Skin toggle on in GPose. Gshade filters may vary. Be creative with light sources to get the best effect. Try aiming the light from the opposite side of the body where you plan to the take the picture.

Not intended as an 'everyday' skin, but for screenshots. Will work under ANY skin that doesn't have a unique normal texture -like tattoos.

Includes links to Penumbra help

Things like this take time to put together.
If you like a modders work, consider supporting them!

Change Log - 
26/Feb/2022 - Version 1.0 - Released
27/Feb/2022 - Version 1.1 - Included a transparent normal so the effect can be placed over any custom normal map (eg: Custom scales)

Comes with-

⭐️Loose .png of each Types 1 to 4 for TBSE for manual install. Instructions included. 

⭐️ Transparent overlay so it can be placed over any custom Skin Normal map (eg:custom scales)

Need TBSE in order to work
Credit goes to Tsar for TBSE and Red for the 3D type edits 

This mod uses the NSFW version.

This mod will effect the B material, meaning that this will appear ONLY on upscaled gear, small clothes and Emperors set.
It will look absolutely jank if mirrored, thus no Mat A is supplied. This is intended for screenshots and not as a 'everyday' skin for a character.

Vanilla scales supplied only. Not compatible with custom scale mods without editing.

Known Issues -

⭐️Shows seems on the arms and wrists. This is just how things are set up. There's no way to have things following onto other sections of the body flawlessly, especially during posing. It will probably warp in places.

⭐️Bigger the pec, the more the texture will stretch

Rules of use-

☞Do not reupload/claim as your own.
☞Do not use any in any private or paid commission - even if anyone says otherwise.
☞Private edits are okay, but do not share - Editing it is up to you.

You will get a RAR (105MB) file

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